Encyclopedia of Your Life

I don't usually do back to back podcasts these days, but when I told my friend Steph about some of the tricks I'm using with Google Photos and my memory keeping, she said I "blew her mind" and suggested we share with her listeners. It ended up being a really fun discussion and my guess is that you might just have your mind blown as well!

You can listen to the show right here. Steph and I have both gotten some great comments on this topic and I would love to hear from you as well!

One of the things I talked about was how my backup process has evolved over time. Google Photos really changed things for me! I referred to some information that I've blogged about previously so here are a few helpful links to check out after you listen to the show.

My biggest suggestion though is to go and take Steph's FREE class at Modern Photo Solutions and learn how Google Photos changes everything. It won't take you very long and you will love it. Be sure to complete the class so you get access to the private Facebook group. I talked about that in the podcast - it's a great resource!

Thanks so much to Steph for having me on the show. It was really fun!