Notebook Obsessions

I have a bit of an obsession with notebooks. I buy way too many of them. I am often afraid to write in these pretty notebooks for fear of messing them up. I have issues! 

I added this darling notebook and pen set to my collection the other day. I promised myself that I would use this one so I don't have to feel guilty about buying more when I see them. Notebooks are a great tool for documenting everyday life and also a fun place to record inspiration. I found these at a cute little shop in Cedar City, Utah but you can get them from here and here. I especially like the deconstructed spine on the notebook because then it opens up completely flat which makes it easier for writing.

I seem to have passed on my love of notebooks to my daughter. She loves spiral bound books and this one spoke to her.

well with my soul.JPG

I giggled when I saw this notebook and debated several times with myself about whether or not to get it. My daughter encouraged me to buy it, but I had guilt over the unused stash I already have. I'm still thinking about it. I found it for sale on this website if any of you are feeling tempted.

Before you think I was too hard on myself by not getting this notebook, let me show you a bit of my collection.

This set was sold in a bundle at Target a year or two ago. They were cheap and pretty. I don't love them because it's hard to get them to lay flat when they are open. Love the Paper Mate profile pens though. Did I mention pens get me too? Really, it's office supplies in general.


I couldn't say no to this colorful little set of notebooks I found at the container store. They look great sitting on my office shelf.  I have to admit these are purely for decoration at this point. These Pilot Fixion color pens are also erasable. Bonus!


When you love Harry Potter as much as I do, you MUST buy a deathly hallows notebook when you see one. Oh, and a keychain too! These pencils are the most amazing mechanical pencils I've ever used. They are expensive but I bought them for sketching. I actually read a few books on sketching and researched what type of pencil to use. Same with the erasers. I'm a geek like that! I bought the notebook several years ago at Barnes & Noble and I still haven't written anything in it.


I found this darling notebook in the dollar spot at Target last fall. I also sent one to my daughter while she was on her mission. It's small and I love it because it is filled with graph paper. One of my better purchases! And how about these pencils? Adorable, right? I'll admit that I bought them because I thought they would look cool in pictures. I buy a lot of things for that reason.


Little notebooks are fun and I use them more than the bigger ones. I tuck them in my purse and pull them out during meetings for doodling and jotting down notes. I always keep one with me. These are two of my favorites and I have actually written in them. Yay! The bird one on bottom was in a bundle at Target a few years ago. The passport notebook is an indulgence from the Rifle Paper Co. Have you ever been to their site? You will thank me and/or curse me for pointing it out to you. I basically want everything from that site!

And the Bic mechanical pencil? Just a great standard pencil to have around.


I found this gem in a used book shop even though it was a brand new notebook. I had big aspirations to keep a movie journal. Haven't done it. Still would like to. I'm a fan of Pilot G-2 pens and I think everybody needs a gold pen in the house.


This thin notebook was another find from the used bookstore. I've almost filled it with a variety of misc. notes. I also adore sharpies. I have them in my office, our kitchen (great for labeling food) and I keep one in my travel bag.


This spiral bound notebook is probably not something I would have picked out for myself but it was given to me as a gift. I love it and have used it to write down blog ideas. It has a really sturdy back cover which makes it nice for writing on the go. The silver pens are also Pilot G-2.


Another used bookstore find. I'm a sucker for quotes like this. I also think Micron 05 pens are fabulous for journaling and illustrations. They last for ages too!


Hello LEGO! This LEGO Moleskine was a no-brainer for me. I have never figured out what I want to use it for, but I love it. It's fun that it has a baseplate embedded in the cover to use for standing up LEGO minifigs. I even have LEGO erasers. I'm a LEGO maniac!


Another used bookstore purchase. I intended to use it as a gratitude journal but I forgot that I had it tucked away. Glad I found it and I'm going to use now! The pen is from Mochi Things. Another site you'll be happy to discover if you've never been there. Cuteness overload!


I've recently gotten interested in BuJo (Bullet Journaling) and this notebook was recommended by several artists because of the dot grids on the paper. I have big plans for this one and I'll include more in a later post. 

If found the paintbrush pens in a theater gift shop and wish I could find more online because I think they are so fun.  I wish I would have bought more of them!


This notebook might be the only one where I've truly filled every line of every page. I sat down at the beginning of this year for a brainstorming session and I used the entire thing! I want to make that an annual tradition now for the first week in January. It was super helpful and inspiring! I usually have a great memory for details but for some reason, I can't remember where I got this notebook. It's something I had kicking around in a drawer for a long time and finally decided it would be great for planning out the year. I adore my Marvy LePen set and I color coded all the ideas using these pens. I also added the sticky notes throughout to keep it visually interesting. I think that is when I really understood how powerful a notebook could be!

How about you? Do you still use notebooks? Do you have as many as I do (please someone say yes!) or only a few? Have you ever thought to photograph them? I'm glad I did because now I feel more motivated to use them. Maybe if I fill a few more I will feel justified for buying some new ones. I sure hope so because I have a hard time resisting!