2017 blog in review

Just a note - I'm taking a blog break until December 29th. This is a busy time for many people and blog readership usually goes way down during the last few weeks of the year. I'm going to enjoy some time with my family and then work on preparing for a new year of inspiration. I hope you will all have a wonderful season of celebrating. I will be posting on Instagram during this time so be sure to follow me there. 

In the meantime, this post ought to keep you busy for a bit! 

2017 blog posts.PNG

2017 was my twelfth year of blogging and I'm proud of all the content I shared and created here. I have great readers who make it fun and more than anything, this blog keeps my creative juices flowing. I decided to repeat my ambitious project from the last two years of creating a recap list about all my blog posts for the year. Hopefully, this will be a great resource in the future for me and for all of you as well!

There are several themes and categories that I center most of my posts around. It was an interesting exercise to take inventory of what I have done for each topic throughout the year.


It's been a very interesting year for my blog. Even though the above list of posts is long, this was my least prolific posting year as you can see if you look back at my recaps of 2016 and 2015. In fact, it's the year my blog almost died. I really considered shutting it down (even though I still have lots of great readers) because I lost my mojo for quite some time. I'm happy to report that is no longer the case! I feel a new excitement and I have a lot of plans for a great 2018 here on my blog. I will have a new (and more regular) blogging routine so I hope you will join me for the fun!