Creative Magazines

I’m a longtime magazine junkie and even in this digital age when magazines have struggled, I still love to buy them. I know the magazine industry has been struggling for several years, but it seems to me like it might be making a bit of a comeback? At least I seem to be finding more creative magazines lately and I'm happy about that! I thought it would be fun to tell you about a few of my latest favorites.


My mom introduced me to Flow Magazine and they are unlike anything I've ever seen before. These are magazines that take time to read and are filled with creative activities. There are often pull out pages and even mini-books to work through. The designs are beautiful and they are not laden down with advertisements. I like that there is a wide variety of articles, activities, and bits of inspiration.


I generally enjoy Stampington & Company publications and the Where Women Create series are always very interesting. I love seeing all the photos of different workspaces and I'm usually blown away by all the amazing things that women are creating.


I've picked up a few issues of Bella Grace magazine because they looked intriguing and these might be my favorites right now. They are just visually stunning and all the quotes and information are very inspiring! Similar to Flow magazine, it takes some time to look through these and participate in the activities included.


I've found some fun Instagrammers to follow after seeing their work in Mingle magazine. This is a fun publication that focuses a lot on holidays and entertaining. I've only read these 2 issues so far, but I've enjoyed them.

I'm also still enjoying Artful Blogging (I have every issue) and I also enjoy Art Journaling. There is something wonderful about flipping through a beautiful magazine. How about you? Do you still read magazines? Do you have any fun ones to recoomend?