Finally done with Flickr

I’ve been a longtime fan of Flickr. I was practically a Flickr evangelist for a time! I have written posts here at The Daily Digi several years ago telling others why they needed to be on Flickr. I even set a recent goal for myself to start getting more involved with Flickr again. But then they went and changed things. Again. There have been a lot of changes with Flickr over the years and I knew there would be more coming after they were sold to SmugMug. For some reason, this is the one that has broken me. I’m feeling done with Flickr. I do not say this lightly!

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.05.43 AM.png

If you look at my account details, you will see that I have been a Flickr users since 2005 and I have more than 53,000 photos stored there. This is no easy feat for me to leave. I have 115 albums there. I’ve run groups there. I’ve won community awards. I’ve made friends. So why leave?

First of all, most of that was in the past. Flickr was my Facebook before there was Facebook. It was an online hangout for me back in my early days of becoming a photographer and a digital scrapbooker. I connected with so many people but most of them are not active on Flickr anymore. There are a few and I still enjoy seeing their photos, but it’s not enough to keep me invested there. I love Instagram for seeing what my friends are up to. Flickr was also a way to share photos with my family members in the past. Now, all of them have moved on to other sites and that really is not a benefit anymore.

Second of all, things have changed. A lot. Flickr messed around with their format and pricing many times over the years. They even strangely discontinued their pro memberships for a while. Yes, they asked us to quit paying them. Is it any wonder they have struggled? No they are making adjustments to their pricing structure again and limiting the free accounts. This is a deal breaker for me. While they were trying to decide what kind of site they wanted to be, I went and signed up for 1 TB of space on Dropbox and loaded all my photos. I also fell in love with Google Photos which has an amazing and totally free platform. Even though the free account is great there, I also signed up for the 1 TB storage deal with Google as well. I have been uploading many of my photos there. And of course I have my external hard drive. That is 3 good locations for my photos and that is what I recommend when I talk to others about their photo storage. Don’t rely on only one device or site! You never know when a site might change its pricing or policies. Also, hard drives crash!

Here are the new details from Flickr:

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.06.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.06.40 AM.png

Those selling points might be enough for me if these changes had happened many years ago. However, Flickr stayed stagnant while others moved ahead and the site has lost relevance for me. I’m certainly not going to qualify for a free account with the number of photos I have on there currently, and I have no desire to renew my Pro account when it expires.

Finally, I’ve just lost my trust in Flickr. That is the biggest reason I’m leaving. Who knows what other changes they will make once they realize this one was a big mistake. I really think they will lose a ton of users. It makes me sad, but they have made their own bed on this one.

If you decide you want to download your existing photos from Flickr, here are the Google instructions on how to do that:

Download photos or albums in Flickr

  1. Mouse over You | select Camera Roll.

  2. Click the items you want to download.

  3. Click Download.

  4. Click Create zip file.

  5. Wait for the FlickrMail notification that your zip file is ready.

  6. Open the FlickrMail message and click the hyperlink to download it.

I am grateful for the many years of community and encouragement I enjoyed at Flickr. It definitely made me a more creative person!