Valentine Collage and the Red Rule

It's been a long time since I've talked about Flickr here because I don't use it all that much anymore. A few years ago, I would have never believed this would be true! I really am loving Google Photos these days, but I do still have a ton of my older photos on Flickr. I used to create a lot of inspiration collages there and I still love them. Hmmm, maybe I should get back to doing those? Well, I'll at least share one of my favorites here today.

I will admit that we don't do much for Valentine's Day around here. I don't feel bad about that, it's just not our thing. I do love all the visual inspiration here though and red is one of my favorite colors to photograph. In fact, if you haven't heard of The Red Rule in photography, this is the perfect day to get familiar with it. The idea is simple - When you see red, photograph it!

Speaking of red, I also have a red mosaic in my Flickr archives. 

While you are celebrating (or not celebrating) Valentine's Day today, be sure to take some pictures of red!