Catch Up

Today seems like a good day for catching up on some fun links and ideas.

catch up.png

I'm a longtime fan of Persnickety Prints and I've used them for years for my prints. I love these free home art printables that they are sharing for free right now! I really want to print and frame a few of them!


I'm currently reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon and it is so good! I really loved his book Steal Like an Artist and I'm loving this one as well. 

show your work.jpg

I found this awesome lady on Instagram because Becky Higgins mentioned her once in her feed. I love her handy little tips and I've picked up some good ones from her. She is definitely worth following!

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This next one might seems a little unusual at first, but I found just the inspiration I needed while I was reading a post on a marketing blog of all places. The idea is to give yourself a 2 week deadline to get a big project done. I've had a hard time getting motivated lately and I think this kind of timeline would really help me get into gear!


Finally, this seemed important. How to photograph a cupcake from Capture Your 365. Yum!