4th Quarter Creative Goals

We’ve reached the final quarter of 2018 as of today! That means there are only 3 months left in the year - only 92 days. I decided to brainstorm a list of creative goals I want to accomplish in this final quarter of the year.

4th quarter.PNG

Here’s my list in no particular order. I just typed as the ideas came to me and didn’t worry about organizing anything. I highly recommend taking this approach when sitting down for a brainstorming session.

  1. Get my daughter’s wedding photos printed.

  2. Do my September roundup.

  3. Do my October roundup.

  4. Do my November roundup.

  5. Do my December roundup.

  6. Do a year end recap.

  7. Decorate dining tables for Thanksgiving dinner.

  8. Plan and cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  9. Decide on a theme for my Christmas tree this year.

  10. Decorate Christmas tree.

  11. Build LEGO Haunted House (found on eBay!)

  12. Build LEGO Christmas village fire station.

  13. Do LEGO advent calendars in December with Alex.

  14. Order wedding photo album from photographer.

  15. Create scrapbook pages for wedding.

  16. Get my parents slides scanned from my youth.

  17. Ask my parents if they have any home videos I can get digitized.

  18. Make sure all my videos are digitized.

  19. Upload all digitized videos to online account to share with my family.

  20. Share relevant photos from this year (especially from wedding) with friends and family.

  21. Release new cards and templates for Digital Scrapbooking Day (coming this weekend).

  22. November release

  23. December release

  24. Work on calendar cards for 2019 and release them no later than Black Friday

  25. Learn how to use Canva.com

  26. Start using Flickr again

  27. Actually go through all the lessons for the Becky Higgins photography class I signed up for months ago.

  28. Learn how to use all the features of my iPhone XS phone (brand new this weekend)

  29. Get comfortable using my Fujifilm XT-2 camera.

  30. Create Christmas cards and order them. I like to use Minted.com

  31. Finish at least one photobook. I love Adoramapix.com

  32. Make a blog plan for 2019 for this blog.

  33. Make a blog plan for 2019 for Toy to the World.

  34. Make a blog plan for my private family blog.

  35. Plan Christmas gifts for neighbors.

  36. Plan Christmas presents for friends and family.

  37. Clean out my creative closet in my office.

  38. Complete October prompt for Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop.

  39. Complete November prompt for Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop.

  40. Complete December prompt for Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop.

  41. Learn how to use new features on PicMonkey.com

  42. Pick word for 2019.

  43. Finish book I’m currently reading.

  44. Finish other book I’m currently reading.

  45. Read another book to get to goal of 24 books this year.

  46. Read another book to get to goal of 24 books this year.

  47. Read another book to get to goal of 24 books this year.

  48. Read another book to get to goal of 24 books this year.

  49. Update Trello boards for creative projects.

  50. Change Letterboard for fall.

  51. Change Letterboard for Thanksgiving.

  52. Change Letterboard for December.

  53. Create at least one art journal page.

  54. Publish 2018 blog index at end of year.

  55. Work on altered Christmas journal that I started last year.

  56. Go through older creative magazines.

  57. Set up Pinterest boards for upcoming house and yard projects.

  58. Set up GoodNotes notebooks.

  59. Scan copies of personal histories to add to genealogy files.

  60. Decide what to do with quote blog from 2007-2008.

  61. Clean out garden.

  62. Update my Smash Books.

  63. Backup and export all pages from Project Life app.

  64. Practice using Apple Pencil. I have one, but rarely use it.

  65. Upload older scanned photos to Google Photos (and Dropbox and Flickr).

  66. Help with gala for non-profit organization.

  67. Give presentation on creativity.

OK! I think that’s enough for now. I was curious to see what number I would end up on. This is a big list, but I also think it’s doable. I’m going to keep it with me throughout the next few months and see how many items I can complete. Wish me luck!