Project Eighteen

I love finding photo challenges that help me document my everyday life and this one reminds me of a favorite project from my past of TWELVE in TWELVE. That project was all about taking twelve pictures on the 12th of each month in 2012 and it helped me have a great record of our lives that year and gave me plenty of material for our family photobooks.

Now, Angie Lucas and Elizabeth Dillow have put together an ambitious challenge of eighteen pictures on the 18th of each month in 2018. I only found out about this on January 19th so I missed out on the first round. At first I was a little bummed over that, but then I realized that I was being too rigid about the "rules" and I decided that I should look at the challenge in a way that it would work for me. Angie Lucas  must have read my mind because here is one of her recent Instagram posts:

Want to join us for a fun PHOTO CHALLENGE that will help you appreciate everyday life? Try #projecteighteen! It’s NOT too late.
Elizabeth Dillow and I (plus a growing number of our Instagram friends) are taking 18 photos on the 18th of each month in 2018, with a different theme each month. We’re sharing our pics either in:
📷 two series of 9 pictures using Instagram’s multi-photo post feature
📷 two grids of 9 pictures using the Instagram Layout app
📷 three grids of 6 photos using the Layout app
But you can adapt this project in whatever way you want! Here are some ideas:
1️⃣ For January, pick a day other than the 18th to snap your pics, then start with us on February 18th.
2️⃣ For January, search back through your photos and find your favorite 18 photos that fit the theme, share them, then start with us February 18th.
3️⃣ Maybe you accidentally took 18 photos on the 18th already, as one participant realized she did. Share your pics and start with us in February!
4️⃣ Pick your own monthly theme! You don’t have to use ours.
5️⃣ Take a photo a day from the 1st through the 18th and share them with us on the 18th of each month.
6️⃣ Take your 18 photos over the course of a week, either from the 11th to the 18th...or the 18th to the 25th.
7️⃣ Start your project in February and go through January...or start on your birthday month and continue for one year.
See? So many options!
Make sure you follow the #projecteighteen hashtag.

So I decided to jump in and play along in the month of February and just not worry about January. That's so unlike me. Here's to growing a little! lol!  I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you want to join in. If you are like me, you probably are a bit scared about taking 18 photos in one day. It's just me and Alex around here most days and then hubby comes home at night. We don't have a ton of action to photograph, so this will definitely be a challenge. I do love taking pictures though and it helps to have some reminders and a community to encourage me so I'm grateful for this fun project.

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