My Top 20 Posts

I'm not one who spends a lot of time checking my blog analytics. I just write what I want to and hope my audience enjoys it. I do get curious now and then about my traffic (it's up this year) and which posts get the most visitors and the numbers usually line up pretty well with my own favorites. There are always some interesting exceptions though. I thought it might be fun for you to see what my top 20 posts to date are. 

Top 20 Katie the Creative Lady.jpg

If you are like me, #1 will surprise you. It's funny that this one has been my most visited blog entry for the past two years. It was just a quick little project that I put together from something I found on Pinterest.  I'm also a little surprised by #10 since it's such a new post. 

  1. Free printable workout cards
  2. Adding PNG files in the OVER App
  3. HEIC vs. JPEG
  4. Free Printable Photography Cheat Sheets
  5. 50 theme album ideas
  6. #RoundupYourMemories 2018
  7. 25 questions
  8. How I organize my digital scrapbooking supplies
  9. Super cool tricks for the Project Life app
  10. Surname Database
  11. Letter writing kit
  12. Colorful Creativity
  13. List of 52 lists of 52
  14. Monthly Memories List Card Collection
  15. Ten Video Tutorials You Should Watch for Digital Scrapbooking
  16. SMASH Book of Travels
  17. Project Life in all forms
  18. Adobe Photoshop 2018
  19. Text size on layouts
  20. Fast 15

It's hard to predict sometimes how readers will react to the things you share. I'm truly grateful though that people keep coming back for more. This has been my online home for almost 13 years and I love having a place to share my favorite ideas. Thanks for visiting!