50 things we don't do anymore because of technology

50 Things We Don't Do Anymore Due to Technology

Courtesy of: Mozy

I actually still do a few of these:

  • #7 - Print photos (not as often as I should though!)
  • #21 - We have a full set of encyclopedias on our bookshelves
  • #32 - My son buys used CDs
  • #34 - I think A LOT of people still make photo albums. Project Life really is a photo album if you think about it. I put together all types of photo albums, but I call them scrapbooks.

There are other things on the list that I still do, but in an electronic way - like reading maps, and looking up words in a dictionary.

It’s interesting to look at this list though and realize how much has changed. If I would have seen this list in high school and had someone tell me that someday I wouldn’t be doing most of these things anymore, I would have never believed it!

How about you? Do you still do any of these things?

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