List of 52 lists of 52

This is a list of 52 different lists of 52 list ideas. Are you with me on this one? I might have confused myself just now trying to explain this. Let's just think of it as LIST-CEPTION! lol!

The really cool thing is that all of these lists contain prompts and ideas that will help you document your life in words and images. You will find new inspiration to tell your stories and/or do the same for the people that love! Be sure to pin or bookmark this page and make it a goal to come back to it often.

  1. Share #52Stories from Your Personal History This Year from Family Search

  2. A Year of Journaling: 52 Journaling Prompts from The Girl Who Loved to Write

  3. A Year of Journaling: 52 (More) Journaling Prompts from The Girl Who Loved to Write

  4. Project 52 – it’s never too late! from Becky Higgins

  5. Project 52 Photo Inspiration by Sarah Halstead

  6.  #52ListsProject by Moorea Seal also in book form (I have this book and love it!)

  7. 52 Journal Questions by Haylee from Home

  8. 52 Weeks of Memories from Finding Myself Young

  9. 52 Weeks of Memories - 2015 edition from Finding Myself Young

  10. 52 Weeks of Memories is back for 2017 from Finding Myself Young

  11. One Year to More Organized Photos from Rebecca Cooper and also Part 2

  12. Being Me: 52 Weeks of Soul Searching and Loving Yourself by Brave Art

  13. The Eyecandy Project 52 #eyecandyproject52 by Everyday Eyecandy

  14. P52 project from Along for the Ride

  15. 52 Questions to Ask Children: Free Printable Q&A Journal from Adventure in a Box

  16. 52 photo ideas from Jenny Collier

  17. 52 Things I Love about You from Peppermint Creative

  18. 52 Weeks of Photo Inspiration from Catch the Moment 365

  19. Journal 52 - a year long art journal project

  20. 52 Week Photo Challenge to Improve Your Photography Skills on Personal Creations

  21. 52 Journal Prompts for Kids on Self Esteem & Confidence from Journaling Buddies

  22. Shoot This 52 Week Photo Challenge in 2017 to Improve Your Skills from Peta Pixel

  23. Do This 52 Week Photography Challenge to Improve Your Skills in 2016 on Peta Pixel

  24. Free 52 Week Gratitude Journal from The Daily Digi

  25. 52 Writing Prompts for Self Reflection and Self Discovery by Janine Ripper

  26. 2017 Weekly Photo Challenge from

  27. Project 52 from Two Friends through a Lens

  28. New 52 | A Year of New Experiences from Listgirl

  29. 52 Photos Project from House Honcho

  30. #WritingPrompts: 52 Memoir Prompts by Jeri WB

  31. MCP Project 52 found on This Heart of Mine

  32. 52 Photography projects: A photo idea to try every week of the year from Tech Radar

  33. 52 weeks of selfies from Living Life in an Organised Mess

  34. 52 week writing challenge from The Writing Cooperative

  35. 52 Blog Post Ideas that are Actually Really Interesting by Christine Everyday

  36. 52 Get to Know You Questions from Life According to Katrina

  37. 52 Creative Ideas for 52 Creative Weeks from Crayola

  38. 52 Weeks of Gratitude found on Local Adventurer

  39. 52 week photo challenge by Simply Olivia

  40. Weekly Journal Prompts from Create Write Now

  41. Organizing Your Creative Time & Space: 52 Weeks - Workspace & Workflow (Facebook Group) 

  42. 2017 Photography Challenge: 52 Subjects to Photograph from The Photo Argus

  43. The 52 by 52 project from

  44. 52 Random Acts of Kindness by Positively Smitten

  45. 52 Things in a Jar by Gunny Sack

  46. ‘52 Things I Love About You’ Ideas & Tips from Nifty Mom

  47. 52 Habits to Change Your Life by Organise My House

  48. 52 Reasons to Be Happy from Odyssey Online

  49. 2017: 52 Week Photography & Business Challenge from Photofern

  50. 52 Ideas for Blog Posts from Scoop Industries

  51. Foto Fridays: 52 Weeks of Photos by Rosemary Watson

  52. 52 Places to Go in 2017 from The New York Times

I have scoured the internet for these and verified all the links were active as of January 2017. Please leave a comment if you find any other great 52 list resources!