52 stories for documenting your life

I've always loved to tell our family stories in our scrapbooks, but I'm feeling an almost urgent need to be sure I've told my own life story and have it documented. I guess that is all part of getting older? I know it is also stemming from my newfound love of family history. When I look at the dates and details of my ancestors, I really just long to know their stories!  

That's why I just LOVE this resource from familysearch.org - #52 stories


You can also access the questions in this blog post so you can copy and paste them into your own document. I really want to work on these for myself and also make sure that my husband and kids answer them as well. Oh, and my parents, and my brothers, and their wives, and my readers! Well, you get the idea. I hope you take a minute and read about why your story matters because it does!

Make the most of this Memory Monday and start working on one of these prompts today. <3