Up & Running with Lightroom

All of the above images are pictures I took in 2005. None of them were all that spectacular in their original version (on the left side), but when I tweaked them in Lightroom 5 - they took on a whole new life (edited images on the right). I love how crisp and clear they are now, without looking overly processed.

The best part? I edited all 912 photos from the year 2005 in under an hour! Now, I’ve used Lightroom before and loved it, but I didn’t feel like I was truly grasping the full range of tools and I never really understood the organization aspect. I would import pictures and work on them, but later on they would go missing in my Lightroom catalog because I wasn’t handling them properly. I also was relying mostly on presets for photo editing which could result in some mixed results.

What’s different now? Well, I took this course at lynda.com (love that site!) and I feel like a Lightroom pro now! I can’t say enough about how helpful it was to watch someone work through all the steps in Lightroom so I could learn along with them. There were times where I could pause, experiment, and rewind as needed. I feel like I know how to manage and edit my entire photo library now. 

If you are a visual (or even an auditory) learner, I highly recommend lynda.com as a resource.