Ancestry DNA updated

My Mom asked me if I had logged in to check out my updated Ancestry DNA results and I have to admit that I had no idea that there had been a big update. I knew they could improve the information over time as more people participated in the database, but I didn’t realize that there would be such a big shift. You can see more about my initial test in this previous post and I’m excited to share the refined results here.

DNA change.png

I used the app to login so I took a screenshot of this image.

updated estimate.png

There was a HUGE change to my numbers from Ireland and Scotland, but it honestly makes more sense now with what I have found out about my ancestry through research. I was always surprised that I had been reported to be more Irish than my Sister-in-Law whose father came to America from Ireland. I will have to ask her how her numbers have changed. I’m betting they went up in the Irish department.

I also do have a great-great-great Grandmother who was a Native American adopted into a white family so I’m not surprised to see that number boosted a tiny bit.

KT ancestry 1.jpg

The Norway percentage is new here and I am interested to try and find where that comes from. I have gained a real love for ancestry research this year and I love the detective work that comes with it!

If you have had an ancestryDNA test done, I highly recommend that you login and see what is new with your reports, If you haven’t done one yet, now is a great time, And it’s a fabulous idea for a holiday gift! I have a referral link if you want to use it, but you are welcome to just go to the website if you don't want to do that. I'm not posting this to make money. I'm sharing something that is really amazing for learning about yourself and your family history.

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