Art journaling and some creative decisions

I’ve decided that I really can’t go very long without some digital art journaling. It really does feed my creative soul. It’s funny because the style I use for art journaling is very different than the one I use in my general scrapbooking and even in my designing. Maybe that is why I need it so much. There are many chefs who have their own approach to cooking, but they also like to go out to eat and try new dishes! I’m glad I have discovered this part of my creativity and I’m excited to use it even more this year.

Another decision I have made is that I really do love and prefer photobooks over albums. I’ve been putting my art journal pages into a 3 ring album and I want to take advantage of the beauty of the lay flat pages in AdoramaPix books. I’m also excited to try a new size of 8x10 so I’m going to start making my artsy layouts in a 2 page spread instead of 1 page at a time. Here’s the first one:

2019 artjournal 01.jpg

I used Photoshop Elements + the main kit and a few add-ons from this collection at The Lilypad.

It’s still fun to see each page individually so I will share those as well.

Katie the Creative Lady art 1.jpg
Katie the Creative Lady art 2.jpg

It really was therapeutic to work on these pages. I can’t wait til I fill up this new photobook and get to have the album sitting on my shelf!

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