Memory Monday - Babysitting

I’m 12 years older than my brother Michael, and 19 years older than my brother Zachary. As a result of our big age differences, I spent a good deal of time as a babysitter, especially with Mike. I actually loved tending my brothers and enjoyed the time I spent with them. I have to say that I was an excellent babysitter. I even let my brother jump on my parents’ bed while they were away! Notice the joy on his face? That’s a kid who loves it when his big sister is in charge!


Picture taken by me circa 1985 with a film camera so I had no idea if I captured the moment until the pictures came back. I can only imagine what my Mom thought when she saw the prints. LOL!

I also thought it was important that my brother got a chance to practice his photography skills at the tender age of 4. Can you believe that he took this picture? It still makes me laugh. I’m just about to hit the pillows! Good babysitter, right?


Great memories!
Do you have any funny babysitting stories and/or photos? They would be great to document on a Memory Monday!