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Dragons and Holidays!

Do you have someone in your life who loves dragons? I mean, they are pretty amazing! My son is a big fan of dragons and he, my daughter, and her husband all love playing Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve noticed that there’s a little tv show with some dragons on it right now that’s kind of popular as well! This set will add a lot of fun to your memory pages!

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Hello Spring and Hoppy Easter

I’m still working on getting over my cold (and now I have pink eye as well) so I’ve not been up to a whole lot lately. About the only thing I’ve had energy for is sitting at my computer for some design time. I’ve had fun with these new collections and I hope you will enjoy them also.

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All the Things!

I’ve been working on this new collection for a LONG time. I had the idea for a few of the cards last summer and then never got around to finishing the set because I was too busy with my daughter’s wedding. I guess that makes the title of this collection pretty appropriate since I was busy doing all the things!

Anyhoo…I’m happy with how it all came together and I know I will be using these cards on many of my own layouts. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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