Stampin Up! Convention

I’m so excited to share my experience as a media guest at the Stampin Up! conference last week. Rachel Jensen (who gave me a personalized tour of the home office last year) had invited me attend the conference last year, but I was not able to go. She then invited me to attend in 2014 and I figured with an entire year of notice on my calendar, that I would have no trouble making it. Funny thing is, I almost wasn’t able to go. The plan was for my husband to work at home the first day of the conference so Alex would have someone to stay with him while I was away. (Even though he is 20 years old, he needs someone to be with him because he has high functioning autism and some issues that can be stressful for him). Then a rare emergency type of circumstance came up at work and my husband just couldn’t be away during that time. Fortunately, a family friend was able to stay with Alex so I could spend a few hours at the conference,.

With limited time, I knew I wanted to include the general session in my conference experience, I’m really glad I got to see that event. It was really awe-inspiring to be in a room with almost 4,000 consultants and Stampin Up! representatives. There was a palpable energy in the room! It felt a bit like a rock concert when Shelli Gardner took the stage! After hearing her speak, it’s easy to understand the excitement. She is very inspiring! It was fun to listen to her and the other presenters.

I was impressed that Stampin Up! also live-streamed the event to their consultants around the world who were not in attendance. I love that technology can bring people together like that. I’m sure they all appreciated being able to participate (even over the internet) in some way.

Of course, seeing Becky Higgins was a big deal for me since I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with her two different times on The Digi Show podcast. I also got to eat breakfast with her and many of her core team members (and Ali Edwards) at CHA back in 2013.  She’s smart, genuine, and very sweet in real life and I’m so impressed with all that she has done in the field of memory keeping. I’ve been following her success with Project Life with great interest and I was really intrigued about the announcement made earlier this year about the partnership between Project Life and Stampin Up!

Becky owned the room for sure and her enthusiasm combined with Shelli’s excitement was fun to be a part of. It was interesting to hear Shelli talk about some of the feedback she had gotten from Stampin Up! customers who are eager to use a simplified memory keeping approach like Project Life.

With that many people in attendance, it could have been crazy, but it wasn’t. It was VERY well organized. It seemed to run like clockwork. I was extremely impressed with the organization as a whole. It’s always nice to get a peek behind the curtain and find out that the wizards running the show really do know what they are doing and are just super nice people to boot!

Many thanks to Stampin Up! (especially Rachel who even shared some of her pictures for this post) for inviting me to attend this event. I hope you all enjoyed hearing a bit more about this neat company. If you want to learn more, or check out some of their products, you can go to their website.