Digi Day Out

Digi Night Out is usually a nighttime event (obviously) but Amber scheduled this one in the day since she knew a lot of people would need to travel a great distance to be there. One of the big reasons for having the event in Logan this time is so we could all meet Joyce Wans (of Digi Show fame) since she spends her summers in Logan. It was so fun to meet her! And she’s just as sweet and hilarious in real life as she was on the show!

Another great benefit was having Chelle (of Chelle’s Creations) as the featured designer since that was a closer location for her. Chelle has also been a guest on The Digi Show and I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with her several times and I always love to be with her. She is really a sweet and genuine lady! It was amazing to see her with all her actual creations (mostly clay and felt) that she makes to include in her digi kits. It really gave me a new appreciation for the effort she puts into her designs. Seriously, go study some of the previews in her store and then think about her making each little character and embellishment piece-by-piece!

My favorite part of the crop was seeing all the albums that everyone brought to display. Chelle had the most incredible Adorama books for her Disney vacations. Joyce had incredibly detailed and beautifully journaled Project Life albums. Many others had fabulous albums filled with pages. I didn’t bring any of mine because they are so haphazard - a few pages here and there, followed by empty page protectors. Nothing is complete. I felt a huge longing to get my albums filled and my daughter expressed her wish for that as well. The funny thing is that later that night, my son saw me working on a scrapbook page and said “Oh good, are you going to finish our albums now?” I’m trying not to drown in guilt over all of this, but just focus on how motivating it was to see all of those beautiful books filled with memories! I have scrapped soooooo many pages. Now it’s just time to fill in the gaps!

Anyhoo… Riley and I only stayed until noon because she was quite exhausted from her week long camp and anxious to get home. Totally understandable. I’m so glad she came with me though so she could get a peek into my world. She was amazed to see how many ladies are just like me out there. Yay for digi scrappers!