My Ancestry DNA

I have to admit that in the past I never thought I would be able to blog about my DNA! My parents gave me and my husband DNA test kits as Christmas gifts and I have to say that is one of the best presents I've ever received!

The tests are $99 each but if you use my referral links here in this post you will save 10% so that helps a little. I was very surprised at my results. I knew I had Native American in my blood because my mother's great, great, grandmother was Native American and adopted into a white family. I also knew I had English, Welsh, and some Western European in my family tree. I had no idea I had Irish in me, especially so much of it. Very cool since my Mom named me an Irish name of Katie Colleen! I was also surprised to see so much Scandinavian and the Iberian Peninsula was news to me as well. 

You know what's super fascinating? My brother has very different percentages in his results. It's like we were baked from the same ingredients, but the amounts that went into our recipes were completely different. So interesting! Here are his percentages:

Of course now I want to have my children do the test as well so I can see how my DNA and my husband's DNA combined for their genetics. It's an easy test to take, you just have to spit in a tube. If that grosses you out (it was a problem for me) I promise it's not bad. Just spend some time working on it while you are doing something else like switching laundry. It takes a bit of time to generate enough saliva for the tube, but it's not terrible. I'm just not a spitter by nature and I'm ok with that. lol! Ok, enough about that!

My husband got an email that let him know his results were ready. I never got the email for some reason so I just logged into my account and my results were there. You will need to create an account when you mail in your sample. But you will want to do that because you can see your numbers and also link up to others in DNA circles. You can even find information about potential relatives which is pretty cool. My other brother is adopted so he was excited about that possibility. I also love that there is a TON of information available about all of the regions. I've only just begun to dive into all of that.

I have a referral link if you want to save 10% on the cost of the kit but you are welcome to just go to the website if you don't want to do that. I'm not posting this to make money. I'm sharing something that is really amazing for learning about yourself and your family history. Oh, the scrapbooking possibilities this just opened up!