Documenting the Eclipse

Whether or not you are in the direct path of the solar eclipse, I'm sure it will impact your day in one way or another. This is such a unique event that it is definitely worth documenting!

documenting the eclipse scrapbooklady.PNG

First up, you will want to follow the safety rules so you don't damage your eyes or your camera. Make sure you have NASA certified safety glasses and use special certified filters on your camera equipment. Be sure to read through the NASA safety tips and do your research on getting the right glasses and lenses.

Here are some other great resources, tips, and ideas:

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Be sure to document your experiences and the reactions of those around you. My son is a little freaked out that he will accidentally look out the window and damage his eyes. He's a worrier. My daughter hasn't thought much about it but thinks it will probably be pretty cool. My husband says "it's a shadow, what's the big deal?" and I'm not sure what to think about it. I'm at least glad that it will be something fun to add to our summer memories though!