Getting started with family history

I always thought family history was something you got into when you got "old", but I was mistaken! Now I actually am getting older (48) but my 24 year old son loves family history and the two of us have really caught the genealogy bug lately! He told me that it feels like "detective work" and we both enjoy so many different aspects of working on our family tree.

If you aren't interested in family history, you might change your mind after I share some of our favorite awesome and free resources.

family history.PNG

I did not know this website existed until 2 weeks ago, and now I have gone through almost all of the links and learning on it. The Family History Guide is not sponsored with any particular religion and it is an incredible and easy to follow resource to help anyone understand how to access (and help manage) their family history. 

The family history guide.png

I am a very visual learner and for me it works to just click all the buttons and read through all the links to learn how to navigate information. I just went through everything in order. If you are someone who does better with a demonstration and explanation of how something works, check out this video overview.

This website will teach you how to use some of the most useful family history sites such as:

Again, you don't have to belong to a certain religion to access any of this information. Many people have come to associate genealogy with Momons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and that's not wrong - because LDS members love family history. Members of the LDS church can get free access to several paid genealogy websites when they login to with their member login. However, you can still do a lot of great work without that membership. And if you ever want to take advantage of the free membership benefits from the other sites, simply stop by a family history center and use their computers. Or you can ask a member of the LDS church or even some Mormon missionaries to help you. They will be happy to and they won't force you to get baptized or anything. :)

Another great way to learn about The Family History Guide is to check out their blog. I found this entry to be especially useful in my learning.

I will be sharing more family history tips here on my blog throughout the year so let me know if you have any particular interests or experience with your own family tree. You don't have to have large chunks of time or even a lot of training. I think you will be surprised at how fun family history can be!