Going back to my own inspiration

I've been going through a bit of writer's block lately. Not really from lack of anything to say, more from the lack of time to devote to saying it. My inner critic has been trying to convince me that I might be out of ideas or losing my creativity. I decided to shut that voice down and look back on some of the past work I've done to find inspiration.

I've been writing for my own blog for almost 10 years, but I've also written posts for some other sites as well. My biggest chunk of work resides over at The Daily Digi where I was a contributing writer from 2009-2013. I'm still really proud of the content I created there (500 posts!) and I thought it would be fun to link to some of my favorites:

That's just a small portion of what I wrote for The Daily Digi. It was such a fun trip down memory lane to look back over all of those articles. It made me realize how many of the tips and tricks I shared are still very useful to me today. It also helped me get back in the mood to write again. Hooray!