The Finishing Project

I’m all about finishing projects this year. It’s such an important goal to me that I strongly considered making FINISH my word for the year, but I was too nervous to do that. I mean, do I really want to finish everything? You know what I mean? lol! 

Finishing is what I want to do with my projects though. Especially when it comes to scrapbooks, photo organization, and other memory-keeping tasks. That’s why I practically jumped for joy when I saw this new workshop from Simple Scrapper. Yes, please! I need this!

Here’s a little more about The Finishing Project:

What sounds more fun? Feeling guilty about all the projects you started and never finished. - OR - Feeling awesome that you confidently and consistently finish each project that you start.

Unfinished projects are almost a universal truth of creative hobbies. But here’s the rub: Folks like us feel the weight of things left undone - and that can be quite a drag. 

Unfinished projects don’t have to weigh on you! This instructor-led experience will teach you how to be a scrapbooker who confidently and consistently finishes projects while gently guiding you through the process using your own real-life example.With your enrollment you will receive customized tools you can use again and again to complete photo books, mini albums, pocket page albums, and (traditional or digital) layout-focused albums. You will reconnect with an unfinished project andsee it through to the end with ease and intention.

What’s Included with The Finishing Project

  • Enrollment in this March 5 - April 8, 2015 online workshop includes:
  • 4 weeks of guided instruction and support | Syllabus
  • Full-color handouts with project examples and ideas
  • Customizable, printable worksheets you can use again
  • Twice-weekly instructor audio messages with transcripts
  • Scheduled check-ins to maintain momentum and focus
  • Private classroom and forum at Simple Scrapper
  • Two live chat events

I hope you will join me!

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