Hungry Planet

Food for a week

Have you ever thought about what the food your family eats for one week would look like if it was photographed at the same time? I’ve seen these pictures online a few different times and I was so excited to find a feature on the TIME Magazine website about this series. Be sure to go to the site and look through all the photos and read the captions. You will be amazed at how different the costs and amounts are around the world!

As someone who loves to document everyday life, this fascinates me. As a world citizen, it reminds me that I live in abundance while so many live in poverty. I’m also impressed by what can be done with bags of simple ingredients. I would love to have my own photo filled with fresh fruits and veggies the way that some of these are. I’m working toward that.

I’m excited that the authors of this project have put together a book. I’m going to order this for our family library and share it with my kids. I think it’s important learning.

This book really is “food for thought”!