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I pride myself on being a great gift giver and I truly enjoy the entire process of planning for and preparing gifts for the people I love. Here are a few gifts that I bet a lot of my readers would enjoy. Feel free to forward this post on to Santa!

This is my new favorite gadget for my iphone. It's a very light and compact tripod and when it's folded up, it's about the size of a pair of nail clippers. I bought mine at - just a quick warning... Airport security kind of freaks out about this gadget if it is in my bag that gets scanned. They can't tell what it is and then proceed to have to search for it and examine it fully. I've learned to put it in my checked luggage now.


Gorillapods from Joby - I have one for my point and shoot and one for my bigger camera and I love them! Way better than dealing with a big, bulky tripod and the wrappable legs make it so you can put your camera in some really fun positions. also has a great selection of Gorillapods.


Camera cookie cutters from Photojojo.  Santa brought these for me a few years ago and I love them!


Wall Decals from Pinhole Press – They come in a variety of sizes and they are re-positionable and require no nails or anything. I bought several of these for my brothers a few years ago and I was so impressed with the quality!


Laura Childs scrapbooking mysteries. I love these fun books and I’ve read every one of them! They would make great gifts for a scrapbooker who enjoys reading. Be sure to look for her newest book Crepe Factor. It's a fun one!


Black Rapid camera strap. This is my very favorite camera strap for a DSLR camera! It’s so comfortable and it’s very easy to access your camera. I talked about this on The Digi Show several times. Add a Joey pouch (or 2) to go with the Black Rapid strap. I have one of them to keep an extra battery and sd card on hand. Love it!


Smash Books & accessories from K & Company. I love my Smash Books and I think they make is so easy to keep memories in a fun & creative way.


Artful Blogging – This magazine (that seems more like a book) is one of my favorites and it’s so inspiring to see all the different ways people can approach blogging. I believe blogging is a great form of memory keeping and an issue (or even a subscription) would make a lovely gift. I’ve seen them on sale at Barnes & Noble, or you can order online.


Art Journaling magazine – this is another Stampington & Co. publication and it looks like a great resource. I’ve been feeling interested in art journaling lately so I’d love to get a few copies of this for myself. Again, Barnes & Noble or online ordering for this one.

Any of these would make fun gifts, especially if you put several of them together in a gift basket. Throw in a few treats and you will have something special to give!

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