Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed

Do you remember when I shared this post about the memory keeping class I taught a few weeks ago? I hope you downloaded the handout I put together for that presentation. It’s free and I think it’s quite useful if I may say so myself. Today I’m sharing the handout I put together for the second and final week of my local class. Another free gift for you and I hope you will enjoy it! This one is 2 pages long so I split the pdf into 2 pages in case you just want to print one of them.

You can save the images to your own hard drive or phone. If you want to download the PDF, files you can find it here. You will be able to download the handouts from both weeks using this link. If you share this image online, please direct others to my blog here at as the source. ❤️

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I know the print is a little small, but I was trying to fit a TON of info on these handouts. I’ll copy the text below if you would rather just read it all here as a post.

Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed

At home and on display or readily accessible

 Print your photos! There’s nothing like an actual physical print of a photograph, it’s something special. I love Nations Photo Lab, Persnickety Prints, and AdoramaPix for printing. Costco is ok, but you will be surprised at the difference if you print the same photo from Costco and one of the other places I listed and look at them side by side. I prefer lustre (matte) finish but it’s just a matter of preference. Glossy photos are also beautiful and often have sharper colors, but they do show fingerprints.

 Display photos in frames. I love Target IKEA, and Amazon for simple well-made frames. Search Pinterest for gallery wall ideas.

 Put prints on bulletin boards with pins or tape, the fridge with magnets, or on walls with 3M Scotch poster tape. Washi tape is also a fun way to attach photos. Search Pinterest for photo boards and photo wall ideas.

 Make photo collages to display. These are especially nice in frames. There are many apps that will create collages for you. Some photo printers offer a collage service. I love Persnickety Prints Insta Collage Posters (don’t have to use Instagram photos).

 Look for frames with multiple openings for easy collages and photo groupings. Hobby Lobby and Michaels often have nice ones. Amazon is also a great source. Umbra is a brand that has some really great collage frames.

 Keep your photos in photo safe albums with names and dates when possible.

 Create photobooks with your pictures. Several websites offer great photobook services and many of them have programs you can use to compose and design your books online. My very favorite photobooks are from – I love the 10x10 size with a hardcover. I upload a photo to use as the cover art. I like to select lustre finish for my pages. The lay-flat plages are amazing! I don’t use color correction because I edit my photos before I upload them to AdoramaPix, but if you don’t pre-edit, use auto color correction. Follow them on Facebook to watch for coupons and sales.

 Project Life photobooks are another great option. You can find them through the Project Life App available for Apple or Google devices. I haven’t personally ordered one of these albums, but I have seen them in person, and they are really nice and also have lay-flat pages. Any time you evaluate a photobook printer, I would look at their paper quality and if the pages lay flat.

 Automatically get photobooks from your Instagram feed (even if it’s private) with an ongoing photobook series from – I like the hardcover option in 6x6 size with Rifle Paper Co. covers. They have a lot of cute covers to choose from though so there are a lot of great choices.

 Create physical scrapbooks with your photos. There are so many choices and it really depends on what style you want to use when choosing a format. If you enjoy traditional scrapbooking with cropping photos, using adhesives, and adding decorative elements, you will probably enjoy using a binder with photo-safe page protectors or a scrapbook filled with archival paper and related page protectors. has a nice selection. If you want a quick and easy physical scrapbook, I highly recommend using Project Life albums and protectors available at – you simply drop the photos and decorative cards into divided page protectors. There are other companies who have similar concepts now such as Simple Stories and Echo Park. Project Life is my very favorite.

 Create digital scrapbooks with your photos. You can use a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop Elements or a variety of apps to create digital pages that can be printed individually to put in a traditional album, or printed as a photobook. Search for digital scrapbooking tutorials online and watch YouTube videos about apps. There are many great sites to buy digital supplies. I love, and – and I sell my own designs at

 Use digital frames to display photos. You can buy nice ones on Amazon. Do a Google search for highest rated digital frames and read the reviews.

 Use your iPad, computer, or smart TV as a digital frame. Google instructions for how to do this for each device. You can set up screensavers to act as slideshows on many televisions and computers. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can use devices like Apple TV and Roku to display photos and slideshows on your television screen.

 Create slideshows with your photos. I used to use Windows Live Movie Maker but it’s not available anymore. Microsoft has put out Movie Maker 10 (requires Windows 10). For Macs, iMovie is a good option. There are other paid options so just do a Google search to find one that works for you. Most will allow a free trial download. You can even make a small slideshow (up to 50 pictures) in Google Photos. Look under “assistant” for the movie option.

Online and social sharing

Facebook – the biggest social media site in the world. You can mark your posts and photos as public or just viewable to friends. You can also selectively post to certain groups of friends. You can add your photos to albums. People can comment on your photos. Others can save your photos to their own device, but they will be lower resolution.

Instagram – very popular for sharing photos. You can have a private account where people have to request to follow you or a public account where anyone could follow you and find your photos. People can like your photos and/or comment on them. The only way others can save your Instagram photos to their own device would be to take a screen shot (which is lower resolution than a regular photo). There are a few tricks to save other people’s photos from Instagram (Google them) so follow the general rule of thumb to not post a picture online that you would never want anyone to see.

 Photo sharing sites like Flickr. You can mark your photos as private, for friends and family, or public. You have to add contacts to friends and family. Depending on what you have selected, others can see and comment on your photos. You can also control is others can download your photos in account settings.

Google Photos automatically keeps all of your photos only viewable to you, but you can choose to share photos with others. Simply Click Share and then choose a person to send to or select an app to use for sharing. I have created some albums to share with family members and we each add to those albums. It’s a great way to share large batches of photos with each other and also to keep up with ongoing memories.

 There are sharing features and shared albums in iPhone’s native photo library that are similar to what Google Photos offers. Airdrop is a great way to share photos with someone who is close by.

 Another way to share large amounts of photos with others is to use Dropbox or another online file sharing service. Read the FAQs or do a search for how to share using these sites.

 Text or email pictures to friends and family. Add a little note to make it even more special. You will make their day!

 Share video on YouTube or Vimeo. Can mark as private or viewable only to those with a link.

Apps to help you make the most of your photos

 Smart phone native photo editing – your photo app on your phone has editing options that do a nice job straightening out photos and performing some basic and fun edits.

PicTapGo – one of my very favorite photo editing apps with plenty of adjustments and filters.

Snapseed– another one of my most-used apps. A nice collection of tools and filters.

Afterlight 2 and VSCO –both have beautiful classic film and vintage filters

A Color Story– a fun app for creating lots of different looks for your photos.

Lightroom CC for mobile devices and also Lightroom for desktop computers. Lightroom is probably the most powerful photo editing tool available. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it is very powerful. The mobile device can also sync with your desktop workflow through your account. Check out help section on Lightroom and watch tutorials.

deGeo or Metadata Pro are good apps for removing metadata before posting to social media. Most of the time you want metadata attached to your photos, but if you are posting pictures from where you live to social media or public sites, you might want to consider removing the geo-locations for security and privacy purposes.

Google Photos allows you to edit photos right in the app.

Project Life – I create the majority of my scrapbook and photobook pages in this app. Super easy to use and tons of options for adding extras to your pages. Also great for photo collages. You can type journaling and titles right onto your photos.

Diptic – great for simple photo grids and collages. April is also a nice app for layouts and collages.

Collect – photo a day + photo journal app with daily cards you can download and use in projects.

Over – a great app for adding titles and text to photos.

Waterlogue – turn your photos into watercolor paintings. I also love Brushstroke and BeCasso for similar creations.

Momento (my favorite) and Day One apps for personal journals and record keeping with photos.

1SE (1 second everyday) – use a one second snippet of video every day and turn it into a mini movie

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