Waterlogue App

I just love finding fun new photo editing apps and I’ve really been enjoying Waterlogue ever since I downloaded it earlier this month. It’s like playing with watercolors by simply pushing a button on your phone! Here are some of my own photos to show you what you can do with the Waterlogue app:

The palm tree picture is my original iPhone photo taken in St. George, Utah. It always blows my mind to see palm trees in Utah because St. George is the only place that happens in the state. It’s actually a subtropical arid climate which is not what you think of when it comes to Utah. I snapped this picture a few weeks ago when we traveled there for a funeral (my husband’s uncle).

You can see what it looks like when I apply the following effects:

  • Technical
  • Bold
  • Rainy
  • Illustration

It’s very easy to preview what each Waterlogue filter will look like right on your phone. 

You can see what others are doing with the Waterlogue app by checking out these tagged photos. They also have a blog with some cool images to inspire you as well