I usually start thinking of my one little word for the new year before the old year even ends. I’ve been inspired to choose a word each year since 2008 thanks to Ali Edwards. It’s something that my husband and kids also do and it has become very meaningful for our family. Here are my past words:

2008 – Create

2009 – Learn

2010 – Do

2011 – Healthy

2012 – Nourish

2013 – Refresh & Renew (a phrase instead of a word)

In case you were wondering, my 2013 phrase is the one I’ve been the most successful with. I really rocked it!

I’m hoping this year’s word of FORWARD will be just as motivating. I’m excited about this word and I especially love how it applies to what I’m hoping to accomplish with my kids. Forward has multiple meanings for me and it is definitely the direction I want to be heading.

I’m ready to move forward. How about you? Do you have a guiding word for 2014? If you need some ideas, check out Ali’s blog and search for entries about One Little Word.