Scrapbooking Your Roundup

I’m using my own January 2014 experiences to illustrate different approaches to documenting my life one month at a time. I used my Roundup Your Month prompts for a framework to help me know what to record. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to document your month, I would just encourage you to pick a method that works for you and get your memories recorded soon before you forget the details!


  • This approach is often a compilation of the photos and journaling from the month’s roundup.
  • I like to think of this as a visual presentation of the memories of the past month.
  • While it’s too difficult for me to keep up with a daily or weekly scrapbook project, I find that working on a layout (or several) at the end of the month is an easy and fun way to document my memories!
  • If I’ve taken the time to write out the events of the month by answering the roundup prompts, I can either scrapbook the memories right away, or come back to them months or even years later when I have time.
  • Don’t worry about limiting yourself to a certain framework. A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to do a 2 page spread for each month. The answer is yes – if that works for that month’s memories. The answer is also no – if that doesn’t work. I’m fine if some months have only a page and others have 7. I’ll be sharing my creations each month so you can see how this works for me.
  • You can download the free print graphic (and a web version) right here if you want to use it in combination with your layouts. If you share with others, I would love it if you mention that the prompts can be found at


  • Using templates made this very easy to put together!
  • I like the pocket style segmented look of these pages because I was able to include a lot of little bits of stuff without having to worry about if it all was perfectly coordinated.
  • Because I scrapped the entire month at once, I didn’t feel like I had to use a full page (or spread) for each week. I wasn’t locked into putting all the pictures in a certain order so I could focus on the overall memories.
  • I just documented 31 days of our life on 3 pages in about an hour. Done!


March 2010 Roundup pictures
CZ_FullPageJournalMarch copy

Simple photo grid of highlights + written recap of the month = the formula I used for my 2010 Roundup Album

May 2007 page 1
May 2007 page 2

Favorite photos from the month + a page of journaling

Here are some other ways to Document Your Month:

If you want to download a free Roundup Prompt card to use in your projects, I have a free gift for you here! You will have to enter your email address to get the download, but it isn’t used for anything, it’s just to make sure your file can be delivered. 

Have fun documenting your month!

*Credits for all January scrapbook pages*