Jimmy Fallon and pop culture references

I don't stay up late and watch TV, but I'm always sure to follow what Jimmy Fallon is doing on The Tonight Show YouTube channel. He is so funny and I love that I can share his clips with my family. We make a lot of references to Jimmy Fallon skits in our house and these bits of pop culture are also becoming part of our story.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal favorites here in case you haven't seen them. Or if you are like me - you don't mind watching them again!

This one with Jimmy recreating the music video for the 80's hit by Lionel Richie made me giggle for sure!

I never thought I would say this, but watching Daniel Radcliffe rap on The Tonight Show was one of my favorite moments. He was amazing!

After watching this interview with Chris Evans, now my daughter and I love to say "I don't wike it!" all the time now. So funny!

Watching Jimmy realize that he blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman was hilarious. So clueless!

I'm especially fond of the lip sync battles. The first one with Paul Rudd was fun and I love his dance moves on his second song.

My favorite one is still the one with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt who was just the cutest in his dapper suit with his mad lip syncing skills!

I'm thinking that Jimmy is going to need some space in our scrapbooks. I'd even like to use some QR codes (using Steph's method of linking to videos in dropbox) so I can include some of these clips.