List of the World's Best Journeys

I love travel lists and it's so much fun to look through them and dream of where you want to go. It's awesome when can check one or more of them off the list as completed! If you liked my list of The World's Most Visited Attractions, then you will probably enjoy this one as well.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.44.49 PM.png

Flight Network posted the best Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys and I've only truly completed one of them (cruise to Alaska). I've participated in portions of others such as some travel along Route 66 and the Pacific Coast highway and cruising part of the Caribbean (when I was only 13). I've also done a little train travel in England and France. I would love to do more of all of those things.

You might be surprised to find out which one of these epic journeys on this list appeals to me most. It is definitely traveling through the Canadian Rockies by train. I've heard that is absolutely amazing! I would also love to cruise the Greek Islands. I went to Mykonos as a college student and it was so beautiful.

What would you pick? Have you already been on any of these? Make sure to document your answers and take some time to dream!