Time for a little catch-up

I haven’t done a “catch-up” post since March so I think it’s about time to share a few creative links I’ve found recently.


It’s no secret that I love making easy photo collages. I found a great resource article over at pixpa.com that lists 30 (thirty!) different photo collage apps and tools. I figure I have already tried about half of them so I have some playing to do!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.27.20 PM.png

That same blog also has a great list of 22 Top Online Photography Courses For Beginners that is worth checking out. I love finding great resources like this!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.25.32 PM.png

The Digital Press Co. does a great job with their blog and I regularly find ideas and inspiration there. I love this post about documenting pop culture in our memory keeping. Fun!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.33.07 PM.png

I was browsing through some blogs last night and realized I hadn’t seen any posts from Stacy Julian in ages. I clicked over to her blog and realized I had the wrong address in my reader (Feedly) so that’s on me. I did notice she is offering her Photo Freedom course for free now as an e-course so if you missed out on that back in the day, or just want a refresher, you can’t beat the price!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.53.52 PM.png

Hope you all have a great weekend!