Make Pictures

I'm sure you use the phrase "taking pictures" all the time, but how often do you think about "making" a picture? 

It might seem like semantics, but I think there is a big difference. When I TAKE a picture, I am just snapping something as it happens - often without a lot of thought about composition. When I MAKE a picture, I spend time (even if it's only a few seconds) and energy on deciding what to include in the frame. It is a more conscious way of photographing life and I love it!

If you follow my Toy to the World blog and/or Toy Instagram account, you will know that I often keep LEGO minifigures in my purse in hopes of finding great photo ops for them.  As I sat waiting in a doctor's office, I took out this little lady and posed her strategically in front of some medical items. It was a way to MAKE a picture that told a story.


When I purchased a new cross-stitch kit (one that is crazy complicated!) and I wanted to share my new find on my Instagram account, I could have just snapped a picture of the package. Taking the time and thought to open it up and spread out the contents was what "made" the picture more visually interesting.

I could just take a picture of my shopping bag from The Container Store, but it's more fun if I stop to photograph it while I'm still in the store for a little context behind the scene.

Are you getting the idea? Just a little effort goes a long way in composing a photograph! Sometimes it might just mean taking a minute to put together a visually pleasing arrangement. 

Or adding a few "props" that support the story like pens along side of papers.

You can also add some interest with layers. Yep, layers are not just for scrapbooking!

And just like in real estate, it's always about location! Finding the right setting really MAKES the picture!

Next time you pick up your phone or camera, think about the photos you want to make instead of just the ones you want to take. I know it helps me have a lot more fun with my own photography!