Maker Monday

After I posted about Photo Friday, I got wondering if there were any specific challenges for Mondays? I know I could use some inspiration to start the week off! I was excited to find the idea of Maker Monday on this blog. Here's the author's explanation:

What Is a Maker Monday?

What if students began each week by making and designing and creating? What if kids stepped into the classroom each with a sense of wonder and excitement?

This is the idea behind Maker Mondays. It begins with a simple premise: start the week off with hands-on creativity...Maker Mondays might seem small, but it’s a first step in a journey that slowly leads to a maker mindset, where students learn to think like designers, engineers, architects, artists, and problem-solvers.

Maker monday.PNG

I think this idea is a perfect fit for creatives as well as students. Why not start the week off right with some sort of project to get going? Obviously, others have thought of this too since #makermonday is a popular hashtag on Instagram.

Now I just need to decide what to make today!