Memory Monday origins and evolution

Back on January 12th of 2009, I introduced a new series here on my blog and called it Memory Monday. This was long before Instagram and a month before I was on Twitter. I didn't know what a hashtag was back then and I had never heard of Memory Monday. I just thought I was being clever with alliteration. I went back through all my old Memory Monday posts (I have them saved in a Word document because I've switched blogs a few times) and it was fun to see how this theme has evolved for me over the years.

Memory Monday.PNG

When I started Memory Monday, I intended it to be a prompt day for doing something with memories. The first 4 posts were action items:

  • Take an old photo and journal about it like it was taken today. Don't worry that you don't have all the details written down! Search your memory and do the best you can to fill in the details.
  • Pick one word and let it inspire you to create a scrapbook page.
  • "Rescue" an old photo by scanning it and making it into a digitally accessible image that can be shared.
  • Teach someone else how to make a scrapbook page.

I also shared my own examples of how I was tackling these challenges. Then without me making a conscious effort to change the direction of this series, I drifted into sharing my own memories and Memory Monday started to become what it is today.

  • What did you do today?
  • Write about someone who made a difference in your life.
  • Where is your memory? (My computer was in the shop for a hard drive repair)
  • Why you should keep an idea notebook.
  • Talking to your subject in your journaling.
  • What can you stop doing?
  • Unfinished projects
  • Top five things about me in several categories.
  • Making comparisons
  • Pictures I have never seen before 
  • Muffin tin meals
  • A visit from my parents
  • Mysteries (books)
  • Since high school
  • Meeting online friends in real life.
  • Where does your family live?
  • Marking milestones
  • Enjoy each age of your life.
  • It's ok to use bad pictures.

It's interesting to note here that this point is when I started doing a few posts a month for because I started using some of the ideas I had originally thought of for Memory Monday as post topics on that site. I see this as the time that Memory Monday took a more personal turn for me and I used it to share more of my own projects.

  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Short stories
  • Laughing so hard your face hurts
  • Handwritten letters
  • Teenage walls
  • Wearing white after Labor Day
  • This time last year
  • Switching hotel rooms
  • Wild and wacky wallpaper
  • Getting up early
  • Shopping for a car
  • Fire drill evacuation
  • A purchasing mistake

And a whole lot more came after that until I got away from this series a few times. It always seems to pop back up in my mind though and I like the opportunity to think about my memories each Monday and encourage all of you to do the same. So here's a challenge for today: Have you ever participated in a Memory Monday challenge here or anywhere else online? Do you have any ideas for your own prompts? Monday is a great time to revisit some favorite memories so take a minute and do that today. You will be glad you did!