Susan Branch cookbook gift for the bride

One of my most cherished possessions is the cookbook my mom gave me when I got married. She hand wrote my favorite recipes in it and I still use that book to this day. I love seeing her handwriting and I wanted to give that same kind of gift to my own daughter when she got married. I was excited to find this beautiful Susan Branch keepsake cookbook on amazon and I've spent the last few months writing out recipes to fill it up.

Susan Branch cookbook.jpg

My handwriting is not nearly as neat as my mom's but it is uniquely mine and that will make it special to my own daughter. One of the things I love most about this particular cookbook is that there are quotes and illustrations for each section.


Each category also has a page for sharing thoughts and memories.


This project really felt just as much like making a memory book as a cookbook.


So many of our memories center around food. A cookbook is a great way to celebrate those moments and record them for generations to come.


Many of the recipes I included in this book have come from the cookbook my own mother made for me.


The section on holiday recipes was the most fun to work on!


I included several basic recipes. Nothing too fancy.


And of course I included some of Riley's favorites!

Susan Branch cookbook spread.jpg

I could have done this project a lot faster using my computer, but I knew my daughter would understand that taking the time to handwrite these recipes was an intentional act of love. She was very touched that I would do this for her. I hope someday she will carry on this tradition with her own children.