Memory Monday - The most comfortable chair in the house

This is a picture of my Dad’s chair. We all call it my Dad’s chair because he really wanted a “good chair” to sit in and he picked it out. I can’t remember when the purchase was made, but I think it was after I left home in 1991. In this photo, my son is 2 years old so it must be 1995.


Unlike Archie Bunker who wouldn’t allow anyone else to sit in his chair, my Dad has always been very generous with sharing his chair. I know it’s his favorite place to sit, but when we are all around, he leaves it open and lets us take turns with it. We always feel a sense of victory if we score the chair, but no one is ever competitive about it. We are more the types who will just quietly slip in the chair when it’s available and silently pat ourselves on the back for it. 

Amazingly, the chair is still alive and kicking. The leather has worn down in some areas, but it’s still as comfortable as ever. Here’s a 2009 photo of my daughter enjoying her time in the chair while we were visiting my parents in New Mexico.

ABQ visit 09 2009 (22).JPG

And if you've seen my #alexnotsittinginchairs posts on Instagram, you won't be surprised to see this picture of Alex (also in 2009) on the chair. 

ABQ visit 09 2009 (46).JPG

Do you have memories of a beloved piece of furniture? It’s worth documenting. This may seem like a trivial matter, but when I gathered these photos I realized I have more than 20 years of memories of this chair and a lot of them are associated with my Dad and one of my brothers. It’s a piece of our family history. These are the types of things I love to document on Memory Monday.