Memory Monday makes a comeback for 2018 #MemoryMonday

I've been planning out my creative year for 2018 and I've decided to bring back one of my favorite blog series from the past. Who out there remembers my Memory Mondays?  I posted about 75 different blog posts with the theme of "Memory Monday" where I would share a memory and encourage my readers to do the same thing on their own blogs (or journals, scrapbooks, social media, etc.) It was one of my favorite features and I think it's time to bring it back!

Some Mondays I will share an older post from my original series (and update it a bit). Other times it will be a brand new topic. I hope it will inspire all of us to dig deeper into our memory archives and share through pictures and words in whatever way means the most to us.

Memory Monday Katie the Creative Lady.PNG

To get the year started off right, here are links to the past Memory Monday posts I have previously shared here.

  1. Memory Monday - The first computer I ever used
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  3. Memory Monday - Food you can never eat again
  4. Memory Monday - Going to concerts
  5. Memory Monday - Our first kitchen
  6. Memory Monday - Dressing up like a ghost
  7. Memory Monday - Fifteen books that will always stick with you
  8. Memory Monday - Veterans
  9. Memory Monday - Childhood Treats
  10. Memory Monday - Handwritten Letters
  11. Memory Monday - A snapshot in time

And that's where I left off. I am looking forward to digging up some of my past posts and exploring a lot of other untold memories. I hope you will follow along with me. If you share your related memories on social media, I encourage you to use the hashtag #MemoryMonday so we can form a fun little community.