Mission Accomplished!

I'm so happy to announce that my daughter has returned from her church mission!

She served in the Iowa Des Moines mission for the LDS church for the past 18 months (actually 18 months + 21 days to be exact!) and we are more than thrilled to have her home with us!

We have been catching up on stories and just soaking up her sweet personality. She's definitely more grown up, but also very much the same fun and bubbly girl she has always been. It's fascinating and so wonderful to know that after being so far apart for such a long time, that you can just pick right back up where you left off.

She faced a lot of challenges and when I hear about her experiences, I marvel that she got through it all. Yet, she insists that she wouldn't trade a minute of it. How amazing! The best part is hearing about all the people she met and grew to love.

Now the question everyone has for her is "what's next?" She does plan to go to school in the fall. She's not 100% sure on where that will be and we are fine with that. There's plenty of time to figure that out. We will also help her find some work and volunteer opportunities this summer. Mostly, we just want to have some time to be together as a family. We plan to do some traveling and just enjoy this unique season in our lives.

It's so wonderful to have all my people under the same roof again. That's such a great feeling! I can't wait for all the fun adventures ahead!