My Netflix Queue

My Mom and I were discussing our watching habits yesterday during our phone conversation and we were marveling over how much things have changed. We both rely heavily on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. We talked about what is in our queue right now and I thought it would be fun to just include my Netflix ‘to watch” list here on my blog. After all, it’s a snapshot of who I am right now and what I think I might enjoy watching.

Honestly, I don’t watch a lot of programs. I will turn on the same Disney movies or Friends episodes (on my iPad) over and over to go to sleep at night. Sometimes, I get an urge to watch an old favorite or try a new show and I add it to my Netflix list. I’m not sure if it is even possible for me to truly watch everything listed here since many of the series run for multiple seasons.

Some of the shows (LOST, ALIAS, Cheers, Wings) are ones that I’ve seen before in their entirety. I just think it would be cool to watch them again from beginning to end someday. Others like Cosmos, Sherlock, Merlin, White Collar, and Mind of a Chef, are shows that I’ve heard people talk about and I keep meaning to watch them.

I love documentaries and nature shows so I’ve got quite a few of those in the list as well. My Mom highly recommends Ken Burns’ series so I want to check some of those out. It looks like Downton Abbey is no longer on Netflix, but I think it’s on Amazon Prime still so I guess I better get moving on that one. I’m dreadfully behind the times when it comes to my TV watching. I watch Survivor and Mythbusters with my family on a regular basis, but not much else. 

I’m thinking that this information needs to be included on a scrapbook page or two. Who knows how things will change in the next few years? Hopefully, I will make a good dent in this playlist by then!