What's next?

I am happy to say that I survived my daughter's wedding! I posted this photo the other day on Instagram to share my joy (and relief) but it took me an extra few days before I was ready to jump back into blogging.

daughter wedding.JPG

This year has been a really unique one for me and my family. Alex and I spent the first 6 months of the year serving as volunteer missionaries at the Family History Library. We learned a lot about doing genealogy work and family history research.  During that time, Riley got engaged so we started on wedding planning and as my mission ended, that took over. Pair that with summer activities and I’m sure you can figure out that it all got pretty busy. Not that I’m complaining though – I’m so happy that our family has had these experiences. We are feeling really happy with how everything has turned out!

Now I’m ready to tackle whatever is next. I’ve been watching West Wing for the first time and one of the things I love about President Bartlett is that after he finishes with a tough task, he simply asks his team “What’s next?” and then gets to work. That’s what I like to do as well. Here’s a little bit of what’s next for me:

•    Accompanying my son to his college campus while he attends class. He goes to class and I set up camp nearby in a study area. I actually love this time because I’m forced to sit and quietly concentrate. Great environment for writing blog posts and working on other projects.
•    Waiting for all the wedding and reception photos and videos to come back from our photographer. The ones I have already are amazing and I am so excited for the rest of them!
•    Getting Riley’s wedding dress cleaned and preserved. I never did that with mine (from 1991) so maybe I will even see if they can do anything with that.
•    Taking in a whole bunch of disposable cameras from her first reception to get them developed. I guess there are places that still do that?
•    Visiting Riley and Ryan (her hubby) in a few weeks to celebrate Riley’s birthday. After spending a lot of time with them recently, I miss them both and am looking forward to this trip.
•    Working on designing again. I still have been designing this summer, but I haven’t been finishing and packaging up those products. I fully intended to open an Etsy shop at the first of the year but never got around to it so I’m hoping to get that done. I have a Trello board full of plans and ideas. Time to get busy!
•    One of my biggest goals revolves around memory keeping. I really want to get going on our family albums and complete a lot of pages and photobooks. I have barely scrapbooked this year, but I have at least been faithful about doing a page or two each month for my roundup. Thank goodness for that!
•    This also seems like the perfect time to re-evaluate some of my goals and set a few new ones. The back to school season of September is a natural prompt for me to map out what I still want to accomplish in this calendar year. I have a lot of big ideas, but I also really just want to take a long nap. Which urge will win that battle? Only time will tell. Lol!

What’s next for you? Have you thought about that question lately? Today seems like just as good of time as any.