My word for 2018

One of the things I most look forward to about a new calendar year is choosing a new word to focus on. I’ve been following Ali Edwards’ inspiration of choosing one word to guide my year since 2008.

Here are my past words:

2008 – Create

2009 – Learn

2010 – Do

2011 – Healthy

2012 – Nourish

2013 – Refresh & Renew (a phrase instead of a word)

2014 - Forward

2015 - Focus

2016 - Progress

2017 - Complete

created with

created with

Each one of these words has shaped (and blessed) my life in many ways during the year that I chose them. Some of them have been life-changing. I have a good feeling about my word for 2018. It took me several weeks of wrestling with several words before it came to me and then I knew it was the right one!

one little word 2018.jpg

Like the words I've picked in the past, this one has multiple applications in my life. I also chose this image (from  to illustrate my word because I feel like I'm on the right path and I have big things ahead of me. I want to be ready to take them on. I want to help my children be ready for the experiences that will be coming. I want to help my husband be ready to meet his challenges. I want us to be ready to progress as a couple and as a family. I want to be ready to improve as a person. 

I have laid the groundwork for a great year ahead. I have big plans for my designs and some other projects that will be coming later on. I have many great opportunities waiting for me. I have goals, dreams, and adventures I want to participate in. For me, a big key will be being ready when the time is right to be able to accomplish the things I want to do.

This is also a good word for me to use for self improvement. I struggle a bit to be ready to leave on time, to be ready for upcoming events, to be ready with my planning. One of the hardest tasks for me to accomplish each day is to get dinner on the table each night because I fail to plan and prepare ahead of time. I would like to change those things about myself. When I'm ready and prepared, life goes so much smoother.

I also feel like being ready for emergencies is something important. It is hard not to think about all the natural disasters that happened last year and not be a little freaked out at times. I'm not going to go crazy with end-of-the-world style prepping, but I want to be sure we would be ready if something difficult happened. That not only applies to natural disasters, but to everyday life. I want to get our house, finances, and general life in order. By tackling some of these big issues, it's easier to be ready when "stuff" comes at you. 

I'm already embracing this word. When I put away all of our holiday decorations, I didn't just throw them into a box to deal with next December. I sorted and purged and made sure everything would be READY to go the next time I pulled out the boxes. I've been better about being ready to leave on time for appointments. I'm planning ahead wherever possible. I'm thinking about my word on a daily basis right now. I've included it throughout my planner for the year and used it as a focus for many goals and resolutions. I even signed up for Ali Edwards One Little Word yearlong workshop so I can keep this word at the forefront of my life throughout all of 2018. I have even completed my January “assignment” already! I used some supplies from the class, the Cooper Hewitt font, the Project Life app, the Over app, and a few photos from


I'm definitely READY for a great year ahead!