A Creative Planner for 2015

I’m not a paper planner kind of person and I haven’t been for about a decade now. I’m pretty electronic and I use computer tools for my calendar. I’ve been using Microsoft Word, Evernote, or my iPhone to jot down goals.

So you may ask why in the year 2015 I would venture back into a paper binder for such things? Rest assured that I’m still very connected to my beloved technology lol! But I have recently embraced the act of goal keeping in a new and more accountable way. The Simple Scrapper Fresh Start workshop inspired me to take a good, long, and hard look at where I want to be with my memory keeping goals. I enjoyed using the workbook tools and actually typed out all of my plans using the adobe pdf form filler. So nice to have everything all nicely typed out.

At first, I stuck everything in a binder. Then I figured out that the binder didn’t really fit anywhere that I could keep it out and visible. So I put it in a drawer and didn’t look at it for 2 weeks. I could tell that wasn’t going to work and I debated with myself over what to do. Then it dawned on me yesterday that I sit next to a shelf of scrapbook albums each day in my office and some of them are unused. I grabbed this cute little black binder filled with printed page designs and went to work. I bought this Recollections album at Michaels a few years ago, but they still have them in stock now.

I wanted to use some of my neatly typed pages so I copied them at 75% size and used some adhesive tape roller to affix them to the pages. Then I realized I could use some of that washi tape I’ve been hoarding for years and I got a little more creative. 

That’s when it hit me that I could actually have fun with this project. Nothing says fun to me like my label maker (strange, but true) and I got super excited to turn my reading list for the year into label strips. Yes, I’m a label nerd and proud of it!

label maker.jpg

It’s way more fun than just have a boring old list of items though. Some of these books are ones I have read before and simply want to review. Others have sat on my shelf begging to be opened for several years now. Some are so old that they are out of print. 

This is what I want to read in 2015 to help me with my memory keeping creativity:

Shooting with Soul

Plate to Pixel

The Unforgettable Photograph

Designing with Type

Thousands of Images

Blogging for Bliss

Designing with Color

Food Styling 1 and 2

Designing with Photos

Designing with Simplicity

Spark Magazine (PDF from the Simple Scrapper membership)

Design Basics

TDF Playbooks (PDF from The Daily Digi membership)

Artful Blogging (quarterly publication from Stampington)

Design Basics for Creative Results

The Journaler’s Handbook

Designing with Digital

Now I’m actually excited about making plans and making them happen! I think having a beautiful place to keep these lists and goals will help me work on them throughout the year. I also have more ideas for this binder that I will be sharing in the future. So fun!

For more ideas on how to get creative with planners, check out my Planner Pinterest Board.

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