How I'm preparing for the coming year

Here we are already in the second week of November! While I'm in no rush to get to 2018, I am realizing that it's right around the corner and I want to prepare myself. I'm taking a little time now to set myself up for success in the coming year. I know once Thanksgiving hits, I won't have the time to do this and I really want to get a jump on it while I'm feeling motivated.

prep for new year.PNG

Here's what I'm working on right now to get ready for the new year:


I purchased this planner (I actually bought the business version). I got the digital file because I'm going to import it into the Goodnotes app on my iPad Pro. This is what I know will work for me. Both the Life and Business versions are also available in paperback format for those who prefer a physical product. I've never used this planner before but I've read some great reviews and I'm excited to give it a try. 

I've been hesitant to use a planner because my Outlook calendar system and Trello boards all work well for me. I will continue to use those tools for my scheduling and project tracking. This additional planner will be something that will help me keep in touch with goals, and notes for memory keeping. I think it will be a great benefit to my roundup routine! 

I'm already working on filling in some of the 2017 evaluation materials and also entering in some upcoming dates and information for 2018. I know I will appreciate this extra effort come January!

filing calendar.jpg

Speaking of calendars, I ordered this one for myself. I used something similar this year and it has been perfect for keeping all my memorabilia in order! I keep it in my office in a closet and use it as a filing system each month. Throughout the month, I put receipts, ticket stubs, programs, birthday cards, and all sorts of items in the related pocket. Now I have everything in one place for the year. You might have seen a few photos of my current calendar in my instagram feed when I post my roundups. This is where I keep all of those goodies!

I haven't separated the folders off of the calendar yet, but I've just kept it all intact. That makes it hard to hang up. If you want to use this as a hanging calendar, I would definitely remove each month's folder when you are done with it.

january calendar.jpg

I also have started shopping for calendars to give my children as Christmas gifts. This has been a longstanding tradition in our house and they are honestly disappointed if I don't remember to do this. It's kind of cool that in this digital device age that they still love to each have a real paper calendar hanging in their bedrooms. I won't post about the ones I'm thinking of for them, but I thought I would share a few other favorites I have found in my shopping in case anyone out there needs some enabling. I really love this calendar and that is where the January image page (above) comes from. I'm tempted to get this Rifle Paper Maps calendar for myself because I love it. How many calendars do I need? I also think a coloring calendar like this one would be fun!

Besides shopping for planners and calendars, I'm going through my electronic calendar (I use outlook and it syncs to all my devices) and making sure I have birthdays, holidays, vacation days, and school days entered. That will really help me when I sit down at the end of the year and do some serious planning. My hubby and I like to take some time together the week after Christmas to go over our plans for the coming year and make sure our calendars are in sync. It's such a helpful exercise and it has come to be something that we both look forward to.

How are you getting ready for the new year? Is is still too early for you to think about it? I'd love to know!