Product Update - 5 line version for Monthly Memories List cards

*If you have previously purchased this set from me, you should have received an email from me with a free add-on for this update.*

My Monthly Memories List cards are one of my all time favorite products that I've designed and I've been using them every month on my roundup layouts. I've had a few customers tell me that they wished the journaling lines on these cards were just a bit bigger so I designed another set. ❤ I'm all about journaling so I want to make it as easy as possible! Instead of 10 lines per section, these cards have just 5 lines per section. This works great with bigger font sizes and is also a nice option when you don't have as many events to list. This is something I've run into as well so I'm also happy for a 5 line version. 😊

Monthly Memories List Card Collection 10 and 5 line versions - Classic Colors
  • 14 size 3x4 cards in png format with 10 lines

  • 14 size 3x4 cards in png format with 5 lines

  • 14 size 6x4 cards in png format with 10 lines

  • 14 size 6x4 cards in png format with 5 lines

  • 2 different list styles

  • 8x5x11 printable PDF for easy printing (printing tips included)

  • These cards are great for documenting each month and also good perfectly with my other Monthly Memories sets.56 total cards

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Thanks for all the great feedback to help me make my card sets as useful and fun as possible!

Oh, and mark your calendars for a BIG release of new products next week in celebration of International Scrapbooking Day coming up on May 5th. I always start my sales nice and early so you can get your shopping done in plenty of time!