#RoundupYourMemories 2018

My longtime followers will know that I've been doing monthly memory roundups since January of 2006. That means I'm starting my 13th year of this roundup routine and that adds up to a total of 144 months so far! I plan to keep this habit going strong this year and I hope you all will join me. 

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What's a roundup you ask? It's simply the act of answering some prompts each month and documenting them for your own records. That might mean on a scrapbook layout, in a journal, a blog post, or as a social media post. It's an easy and doable way to get a snapshot of your life each month. 

I've used my new Monthly Memories card collection to create a scrapbook layout with all the details of my January roundup. 

Katie the Creative Lady January 2018.jpg

I typed up my journaling in the Over App (or you could easily use a program like Photoshop Elements) and then I put the page together in the Project Life App. Now my month is documented and this will be a great page for this year's photo book!

I've varied and refined the prompts a bit each year and I feel like I've really got them dialed in now. In fact, this is the most simplified list I've ever used but I feel like it gave me the best framework I've ever used. These are the details I am filling in for each month:

  • Watching
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Celebrating
  • Latest News
  • Everyday Life
  • Misc. Moments

That's it! You can decide how detailed you want to be in your responses. If you use these categories as your guide, you will have a detailed record of what life was like in the year 2018. So cool!

When you are done, feel free to share your own roundup online if you want. Use the hashtag #roundupyourmemories and if people ask where you got the idea, point them to katiethecreativelady.com

Enjoy your roundup!


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