See ya September!

Well September… it’s time to say goodbye! This is the last day of the month and that means it’s a great time to answer a few quick questions and gather your memories. I love Roundup time!

KTCL September roundup.jpg


  • What did you watch? TV, Movies, Netflix, Plays, etc.

  • What did you listen to? Podcasts, music, etc.

  • What did you read? Books, Kindle, online, etc.

  • What did you learn? Life lessons, classes, new skills and ideas, etc.

  • What did you celebrate? Birthdays, holidays, accomplishments, etc.

  • What was newsworthy? Personal and family news, world and nation news, etc.


  • Review calendars, social media posts, journal entries, etc. - I use the Momento app to keep everything in one place and then look back through my online calendar.

  • Make sure all your photos are uploaded and backed up to at least 3 places. If you use Google Photos, your photos will already be sorted by date. I like to search the month (June 2019) and then select all of those photos and create an album for them in Google Photos called June 2019. It’s not necessary, but I find it useful.

  • Gather any memorabilia from the month such as ticket stubs, invitations, programs etc. Scan or photograph them if desired and then upload them with your photos for the month. And/or put them in a file marked June 2019 if you plan to save the physical copies for scrapbooking or memory boxes.


  • Make a list of your answers to the prompts.

  • Put them in a blog or social media post, in your journal, on the last day of the calendar for that month, or on a scrapbook or photobook page. You can even email them to yourself and keep them in a folder for later reference or use a notes app on your phone. Just find a routine that works for you.

  • If you share your roundup in any form on Instagram, use the hashtag #roundupyourmemories if you want to share with others.

  • The more roundups you do, the more you will appreciate this simple way to document your everyday life!

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