Brushstroke App

Since I love the Waterlogue App so much, my digi friend Vicki Bridges sent me an email telling me about the Brushstroke App. At first I wondered if I really “needed” another artsy photo editing app, but when I tried it, I fell in love!

Brushstroke is an IOS app only (sorry Google peeps!) and it’s available in the Apple store for $2.99.

As you can see from my photos, there are a lot of different looks you can get from playing around in this app. You can select different painting styles such as:

  • Medium
  • Hatched
  • Simple
  • Bold
  • Abstract
  • Washed

And each one of those has several different versions available. Then you can also choose from a list of 35 different tones that I didn’t even touch for the examples here. Then you can pick from 15 different canvas surfaces and play around with sliders on top of all of that. Well worth the $2.99!

If you have an iPhone  or iPad, I think you will love the Brushstroke app!